BFA & Meijer Roses Competition

BFA & Meijer Roses Competition! We’re offering this amazing experience for two lucky people to fly out to Holland for a two night stay in Delft, visiting the farm and the flower auctions! You and a friend will be flown over to Holland for a 2 night stay at a hotel near Delft. The first evening you are there will be yours to enjoy at your leisure. The next day you will enjoy a trip to the flower auctions at Floral Holland, then off to our gardens for a personal tour to see how Meijer Roses are cultivated. That evening we will treat you to a meal at the fantastic Spijshuis de Dis Restaurant in Delft where you can sample amazing Dutch cuisine and a few Dutch beers! The designs will be judged by a panel of industry experts, including a member of the Judges Guild.

  • You have to be a BFA member to enter
  • You can create any type of design, as long as it includes Meijer Roses. You must take photos of your design from above and from the side, along with a picture of the bucket of Meijer roses used
  • You must dend your photos along with your BFA membership number to
  • Feel free to post your images on social media with the hashtags: #bfameijer and #meijerroses
  • Competition is open from now until Februaru 28th 2017
  • You must be free for two nights during the week between April 1st – June 1st 2017

Good luck!