How to style a wedding table?

How to style a wedding table? That’s a question troubling many brides. Tables will certainly be photographed during the reception and every bride wants to have beautiful photos from her wedding. So here is our little guide – what to take into account? What makes the perfect wedding table?

It’s always a good idea to start with linens – they will provide a background to all your place settings and floral arrangements. After that you have to choose the right place setting, placecard and a centerpiece. If you’re having a party gifts for your guests don’t forget to include them in table planning. It would be awful to have the gifts and not be able to display them properly! Have you already choosen all the elements of the perfect wedding table? That’s where the fun part begins! You can play with layers and mix different heights and accessories. You can opt for high wedding centerpieces and mixed them with low candles or simple places setting to counterbalance them. You can also play with light and add more candles around the tables. Everything looks better when illuminated with subtle candle light. What will make your wedding unique is adding some personal, original touches. Do you like golden cutlery? Go for it! Planning to have stunning chairs decorations? Decorate them with bouquets of flowers! When it comes to your wedding the sky is the limit so let’s make your dreams come true!

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