Our Roses

Meijer Roses was established in 1970 and from the very beginning we have worked on providing our customers with roses that create the perfect blooming experience. A combination of genuine passion for flowers and dedication allowed us to build a reputation for excellence and innovation. Over the last few years, we broadened our scope and started to cooperate more closely with international clients.

In harvesting roses it all comes to choosing the perfect moment to cut. We managed to find the balance between the durability of the flower and its bloom. Our roses integrate these two factors perfectly, and as a result, our flowers ensure unforgettable atmosphere to every event and occassion. It never fails to amaze us when we receive personal reactions from our customers from all over the world. Every satisfied customer is yet another reason for us to grow.


White rose, the most classical rose from our collection.

Pearl Avalanche+

Warm salmon - coloured rose.

Sweet Avalanche+

Soft pink, ultimate wedding rose.

Four Seasons+

Ivory coloured rose with extremely large bud and dense petals.

Why our roses are different?

  • Our roses have a thicker stem and a bigger flower
  • Our roses last long in the vase because grow very slow
  • Our roses are packed to preserve the quality

Meijer Roses is a family business, where roses are grown for over 40 years.
To meet the high expectations of our customers, our roses are every day cut at the best conditions and checked more than four times before to be sold.
Our roses won many prestigious international awards during last years. Our roses are suitable for every event and perfect for wedding decorations.


  • 2014 - VGB Award - 1st place - Avalanche+
  • 2014 - VGB Award - 3rd place - Sweet Avalanche+
  • 2014 - VGB Award - 3rd place - Pearl Avalanche+
  • 2012 - VGB Award - 1st place - Sweet Avalanche+