Dreaming of a White Christmas

Christmas is coming! It’s December the 3rd today so we decided to celebrate the beginning of the holiday season with a little holiday inspiration. We’re definitely dreaming of a white Christmas and maybe instead of snow, we can brighten the most gloomy month of the year with white Avalanche roses?

We have chosen few images that will certainly make your Christmas even more special. Whether it’s a bouquet inspired by the McQueens floral arrangement or a eye-carching centerpiece like the one created by the star of floral displays Jeff Leatham, they will ad an extra sparkle to your home. Avalanche will go perfectly with red accents, as you can see in a beautiful bouquet made by Willow Floristry. McQueens proved once again that deep green and white colour combo is probably one of the most impressive floral combination there is. And Jeff Leatham is once again the master of French chic with his simple, yet incredibly impressive arrangement of white petals and candles.

We can keep dreaming of a white Christmas while preparing our homes for one of the most family-friendly time of the year. And although the decorations aren’t the most important part of the celebration it’s definitely worth it to make these special days ever more extraordinary.

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  • Christmas inspiration by McQueens
  • Snow white bouquet made by McQueens
  • Avalanche in a Christmas bouquet made by Willow Floristry
  • Avalanche styled by Jeff Leatham
  • Christmas decoration by Jeff Leatham
  • Avalanche styled by Jeff Leatham
  • What's more festive than candlelight and petals of Avalanche roses?
  • Dutch embassy in Paris
  • Pearl Avalanche styled in a festive arrangement.