Flowery pick-me-up

The Spring is coming! Enough with long, dreadful Winter days, lack of sun and general misery. We love Christmas and cold and snowy January, but now we’re longing to longer days and blue sky. Fortunately, the flower industry kept us busy during the Winter. We’d like to present a couple of images that are a instant flowery pick-me-up!

The most heartwarming photo is the one posted by Maria from Flor Decor Barcelona. And the bouquet of Sweet Avalanche isn’t the most beautiful part it, but the lovely golden retriever puppy. Let’s be honest, no one can resist such a cutie! A real flowery pick-me-up is a bouquet designed by Ewelina from Evita’s Blooms. Her combination of subtle pink of Sweet Avalanche and a very saturated shade of gerbera is a real treat for eyes. We have to admire her attention to detail – by adding daisies to the arrangement Ewelina created an effortlessly chic bouquet. A marvellous example of romantic summer style is a bouquet by BlossEm. Pastels mix with a lot of greens that ensure which much sought-after fresh look.

There also are some more opulent stylings, like the one we found on Instagram created by Eza. Huge urn arrangement was a perfect addition to ballroom at the Royal Automobile Club in London. The high wedding centerpieces by Amie Bone Flowers are also a real treat. Lots of pastel colours, impeccable design and beautiful photos – what more could you ask for?

The colours always make us smile like cheerful coulours in Hannah Burnett arrangements or lots of beautiful roses in large urns designed by Paula Gibson. But the sun kisses bouquet by Blomsterverket just stole our heart. Warm salmon colours of Pearl Avalanche are like little rays of sunshine on a grey morning.

For more photos take a look at our Instagram.


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