Shabby Chic by Lola Flower Boutique

Shabby chic is a form of interior design where the furniture and all the accessories are chosen based on their apperance of age. New items will be distressed to achieve the appearence of an antique – the layers of paint will be distressed to show the wood or earlier paintings. Soft cottage – style decor is emphasized to differentiate it from the genuine period decor. The most popular colours of shabby chic are worn or bleached pastels, pure whites, ecrus, as well as soft – neutral colours – sky blue, rose pink and beige tones. The style is soft, relaxed, feminine and romantic and exactly how the shabby chic by Lola Flower Boutique looks like.

The most popular flower in the shabby chic design is rose and you can immediately see why when you admire Lola’s flower arrangements. They are delicate, feminine designs featuring a lot of soft – coloured roses. The pastel colours of Sweet Avalanche, Avalanche and Pearl Avalanche seem perfect for this type of styling. We especially like the bouquet made with Avalanche and Sweet Avalanche. The retro look was given by adding white feathers. In Lola’s designs even the foliage goes well with the soft colours. Pastels are usually broken down with deep or light green and sometimes with a hint of some more intensive colour like purple.

Shabby chic by Lola Flower Boutique is simply beautiful. It’s delicate, soft and feminine – the ultimate shabby style.

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All photos courtesy of Lola Flower Boutique.


  • Sweet Avalanche mixed with greens
  • A lovely box full of beautiful flowers
  • All white bouquet made with Avalanche
  • A mix of Pearl Avalanchre, Sweet Avalanche and Avalanche
  • A lovely combination of Sweet Avalanche
  • A fresh look at Sweet Avalanche
  • Sweet Avalanche in Lola Flower Boutique's arrangement
  • Pastel flowers photographed on a wall layered with old paint
  • Soft toned bouquet made with Avalanche and Sweet Avalanche