The Valentine’s Collection

Saint Valentine’s Day is coming! There’s so much choice in the flower shops this time of year that it’s sometimes hard to decide on the right bouquet. With the Valentine’s collection we would like to make these hard decisions a little bit easier. Of course, the most iconic and popular Valentine’s arrangement is a bouquet of red roses, but you can opt for a completely different colour scheme. And you don’t have to go for a bouquet at all! It’s worth remembering that flowers are so much fun that you can create almost everything. What if you choose a beautiful colourful floral heart instead?

The one created by Jenni Bloom Flowers would be a perfect surprise. Jenni mixed our warm – toned Pearl Avalanche with purple and light green. This colour palette makes it a very Spring-like bouquet. And who wouldn’t appreciate a little bit of Spring in the middle of February? A monochrome heart made of Pearl Avalanche by Amanda Brom is another wonderful arrangement. Salmon-toned Pearl Avalanche is not the obvious choice for Valentine’s Day celebration, but its beautiful colour will go perfecly with many designs.

Pure Ground Flowers, BlossEm and Eden Blooms mixed large heads of Avalanche roses with foliage and smaller flowers. Soft pink Sweet Avalanche and white Avalanche added the dimension to these arrangements. Lola Flower Boutique, known for her shabby chic designs, created two perfect combinations with Sweet Avalanche and roses in more saturated shade of pink. Both floral heart and bouquet make the perfect addition to the Valentine’s collection. Of course, you can always go for more traditional, pastel bouquets like those created by Philippa Craddock or The Rose Boutique. Sweet Avalanche and Avalanche never dissapoint! And if you’d like to bring a little bit of tradition to your Valentine’s bouquet just add few red roses. Paula Rooney Weddings and Events combined Sweet Avalanche, red roses and deep green foliage and had created a stunning bouquet.

We hope that the Valentine’s collection will help you choose the most beautiful flowers!

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  • Bouquet by Philippa Craddock Flowers