It’s always a pleasure to have special guest at our gardens, and yesterday the pleasure was double. Not only could we spend some time with Jeff Leatham, we had a chance to brag a little and show him our latest project. The details will follow very soon, so keep an eye on our journal – we can assure you, you don’t want to miss our announcement! We hope we could reveal more information next week.

Anyway, you can say a lot about Jeff Leatham, and one of his many qualities is that he is invariably fabulous. Our special guest took a tour at one of our gardens. He had a chance to see all the steps of our production – from the ride on a special trolley that is used to cut roses, through the freezing temperatures of our fridges and ending at our sorting line. We’d like to share the impressions with you, so take a look at our photo gallery!

  • Jeff Leatham visiting one of our gardens
  • Jeff just being fabulous
  • Thorough knowledge of production steps is important
  • Having fun at Meijer Roses
  • Jeff with a small gift from us
  • A sneak peek of what's coming up next...